Social Media Trends to Prepare in 2018

The rapidly growing Social media has been proved a very effective tool for businesses. When it comes to reaching audiences effectively, social media offers a wealth of possibilities and opportunities to businesses. It is the place where your audiences engage and already live and get to know about your brands. It is the best way to interact with your customers online and improve your brand presence.

Social media trends change every year or month to month, hence business owners and marketers need to be updated about analytics and statistics. Businesses need to figure out quickly that what is the best for their audiences or where they can generate better engagement and brand loyalty.

Here we’ve listed few social media trends that you can prepare for 2018:

  • Video Posts: Videos are rapidly gaining popularity on social media, mostly the “live video” uploaded on Facebook and Instagram. These live videos let the audiences’ interaction and make your brand accessible to followers. Moreover, creating live video posts on social media is an amazing way to build brand awareness.
  • Paid or sponsored posts: With the introduction of new algorithms in social media, now it has become difficult for businesses to achieve visibility with organic content. Hence paid content or sponsored posts are a growing social media trends. When you invest in paid posts or content, it not only guarantees targeted demographic but also increase brand awareness and conversion rates.
  • Create Ephemeral Content: Snapchat has increased the popularity of Ephemeral content. It is one of the best ways to reach audiences. Ephemeral content is short-lived but more beneficial then sponsored ads or spammy posts. The ephemeral content lost within hours, so audiences take fast action and businesses get more advantages of it. It can be easily accessed with snap codes or QR codes. Ephemeral content marketing strategy is able to engage users or audiences in the shortest time.
  • Chatbots: It is already listed in 2017’s social media marketing trend and we can see there are no chances of it slowing down in 2018. Chatbots allow you to interact with your audiences closely and you can also send personalized content to the users directly. Facebook has already included Facebook Messenger, so the businesses can communicate with their customers, answer their questions and provide them information about products or services.
  • Use Social Messaging Apps: In 2018, social messaging apps gaining popularity and will become a part of the online interaction. It gives a tremendous opportunity to businesses to influence this trend in their online marketing. Businesses can use social messaging to connect one-on-one with customers. Now it will be very easy for Facebook customers-just click on an ad and it will take them directly to a chat window, where they can get quick assistance and do not need to wait for a returned call.
  • Product Placement: Most social media users prefer to purchase a product directly through a social media platform. It has been observed that an image on social media influence users to buy. You can keep up this trend by adding videos, ads and direct links to influence buying decisions via social media profiles.
  • Employee support: Employee support benefits the most to any business. It is possible when employees share the post and content published by the company and represent themselves on the behalf of their company on social media. Businesses that have employee advocacy see a higher ROI in terms of user engagement.
  • Be updated with the Trends: You need to be personal and relevant to your audiences. Moreover, you can use the analytics tools provided by social media. The analytic tools help you to identify followers to convert into loyal customers. This will help you to reach a targeted audience with your posts.

Social media gives businesses so many opportunities to connect with audiences, distribute and create better content and build their brand. To enjoy the benefits of all these opportunities, you need to combine inbound marketing with the above-discussed strategies, to take your business to the next level.