Social media trends that are huge this year

Rapidly growing Social Media has more than 2.3 billion active users and more than 1.9 billion active mobile users worldwide. Among many of potential customers, 83% of all marketers take advantage of social media to boost their business, sales and brand identity, generate leads and increase followers. Social media is now much more than simple activities like commenting, liking, retweeting etc. It has become one of the best tools for any company to connect with customers. Hence, social media is an essential part of today’s business world.

Here are the social media trends that are huge this year:

  • Streaming Live Video Sharing: YouTube is a widely used site for video sharing. Everyday number of video content is being uploaded on YouTube and 48% of marketers planning to add YouTube to their content policy in 2017. Innovative Smartphone’s allow people to watch live events and let them share it to other social media channels like Twitter’s periscope, Facebook “Live”, Instagram’s Stories etc. This three social networks offering free services and giving a great opportunity to businesses to promote their products and services among their customers in a creative and timely manner.
  • The Growth of chatbot: chatbot have generated a lot of buzzes this year. Unlimited easy to connect anytime, anywhere, this chatbot is one of the best tools to gain attention, as we know today it is embedded within Facebook Messenger. Facebook and other social media networks are using this to help in data retrieving process. Chatbot improves customers experience by answering their various queries.
  • Expiring Social Content: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram gives a purchasing option to consumers directly. Snapchat has now 150 million active users who popularized the idea of short-lived content in the internet world. Earlier images and videos were disappearing once it is viewed by viewer but now it has rolled the update to their platform “Stories” that can extend the life of the content for 24 hours. Recently Facebook owned mobile photo sharing to Instagram which hit the 500 million monthly users and has also adopted feature of Snapchat called “Instagram Stories”.
  • Increase practice of Social influencer: Since last two years Google trends has shown a rapid decline in print advertising. Influencer marketing gaining continuous prominence and is competing with video advertising.

Keeping up with these changes can increase your brand identity, online presence and give your business a competitive edge in the business world.