Marketing activities to increase online presence

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One of the most important advantages of internet savvy ways to marketing your brand or product online is the ‘improve visibility’ to reach millions of audience. The more online presence your company has, the more people look to your products and services. Hence here we have listed few marketing activities that can increase online visibility and your business can be found by many customers.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the ways to improve the company’s online visibility. With the help of SEO, you can make your company website and web content visible on Google, Yahoo and other search engines and gain more traffic. To see your company website on top, you need to create quality content and on-page SEO techniques. In terms of content, it should be enriched with keywords as Google looks for quality content and picks up the SEO keywords and phrases. Your website should be Mobile Friendly because many visitors view your content or web page on a mobile device. When sites are hard to navigate on mobile, it creates a hard time for users to stay on the page hence, it reduces the traffic.

Social Media posting

Social media activity can be a very advantageous for every business. Select the right social media platform and be active on that by posting content, asking questions and other interacting activities with your followers that can help you to boost your website visibility. Make sure that your company profile on social media is well-written, presentable and complete with contact details so that people can easily interact with your business.

Content Marketing

It is the most innovative practice to marketing and let you promote your company through materials like articles, blogs, videos, and other content sources. It is the way to attract and engage visitors toward your company’s website. While promoting the brand or product, content marketing also provides relevant and useful information to the audience. Content marketing is very important for SEO, as its main objective is to improve the quality of your content ranking in the search engines.


PPC or pay per click advertising is the popular advertising tool, used online. It proves the best to boost online visibility. Traffic that comes from PPC campaign can be analyzed and tracked easily and it allows you to target strong and weak areas of your marketing practices. PPC-the online marketing models greatly targeted towards those viewers who are searching for content within a certain industry. Basically, there are three types of advertisement i.e. ‘Text Ads’, ‘Display Ads’, and ‘Retargeting’. Text ads are very important to run a top-quality PPC campaign. Adding relevant keyword in your text ads will make your ad campaign more successful and effective.
Display ads are almost similar to the text ads but the only difference it gives more visual appeal. Retargeting let you serve display ads that are sure to be both relevant and engaging users. To build your company’s online presence, you need to keep the brand update and fresh.

Press Release

Press release is an effective way to boost the online visibility and effectiveness of the company. It delivers the benefits of the company, products or services in a concise way that will stick in the reader’s mind. You can also include multimedia content, videos, product demo, promotional images, interviews that will help you to engage readers more effectively. The only goal of the press release is to increase awareness of your company or product as well as website traffic.

Local Directories

Local directory submission is one of the best tools to generate new leads. It helps to boost traffic locally also attract new customers to your website. The aim of online presence is to be active online, so customers can find your product, services easily. Every online directory listing increases the number of backlinks connected with your website. Listing your company information on few of these directories like Google My Business, Bing for Business, Yahoo listing etc will help your company to be more visible and findable to users.
These are the few marketing activities that can be followed by any company whether it’s small or big. Once you experienced an increase in traffic to your website and online presence, you will surprise why you waited for it so long.