Instagram to promote your E-commerce store

If you want to get your product and brand in front of people quickly and grow a strong following of customers, then Instagram is your magic charm. Earlier Instagram was just a platform for teenagers and celebrities but now the time Instagram has over 300 million monthly users and many brands use it to interact with the Instagram community. Instagrammers are the shoppers. You can compete against faceless e-commerce giants using Instagram.

If you post the right images, consumers understand your marketing message very easily. In short Instagram helps convert inactive shoppers into confident customers.

If you are new to the Instagram world and want to know how to promote your brand, here is everything. Let’s get started.

  • Create attention-grabbing images & photos: First start with creating images that speak volumes. Your images or photos need to be very creative, eye-catching, informative and evocative and so that your brand or product gets the position it deserves. You don’t need to be a photographer to create images; there are various free photo editing tools available on the internet that can help you add filters, text overlays, texture etc to the image. You can pump up your followers’ feed with special offers, bonuses, and announcements. Text overlay allows you to include your promotion right on the image that is a trendy way to announce discounts or sales.
  • Include Hashtags: Hashtags- the only way to improve the shelf-life of your Instagram posts. It is a key to getting more exposure on Instagram and a great way to grab users’ attention from all over the globe to your account page. Few things to consider while using Hashtags are- know what’s trending, what your competitors are using, what your brand and products stand for. You can use a tool like Iconosquare’s hashtag search, to get more ideas for hashtags. Instagram allows you to use at least 30 hashtags per post.
  • Invite Instagram Ambassadors to share your Brand or Product: Create a team of Instagram Ambassadors who spread the benefits of your product or brand to all their followers. You can encourage customers to share their photos and reviews, come up with a hashtag, and reward those ambassadors by re-sharing their posts or images.
  • Give Inviting captions to the post: Without an effective and inviting caption, you might not get the expected engagement and response from your followers or users. You can also use simple call-to-action or direct question caption as an extra invitation. It opens up conversations about your post. You can also include a reminder for next post and details of the contest if any contest information is there for your brand. So you just need to practice the art of caption writing. Don’t make captions too long; be direct and interesting to catch users’ attention.
  • Respond to Notifications: Never leave the conversation one sided. Reacting to users’ comments, thanking them for tags, following and liking others’ content is the best way to get more engagement in return.
  • Analyze your Instagram Success: Strive to keep attracting new customers and analyze your successes and research your audience. Track the reciprocity to find loyal fans. This metric shows you how many followers interact with your brand the most. You can see the numbers who likes your post the most, commenting and tagging your product. You can track density to optimize your post. Here you can analyze the days and times when your followers most engage with your posts. It has been seen that the best time to post is Monday at 6:00 p.m. weekdays. It helps you plan an optimized posting schedule that increases your likes and comments. If you find posting little time consuming, you can use Apps like Schedugram and Latergram. These both apps let you queue up posts when you have the time and send them out in accordance with your posting schedule. Always pay attention to your most-liked media. You can keep track of which of your post receive the highest level of traffic and engagement and which one is a more successful post.

Instagram is the tool to promote your brand or product identity.