Content is King in SEO

There was a time when SEO was not more than stuffing keywords in web pages, hoping that Google notices. But today Webmasters and SEO professionals have experienced that “Content is King”. It plays a vital role in raising business conversion rates and search engine ranking.

One of the most important elements of SEO is Content. It enhances the overall look of your website and also engages readers. While optimizing your website, content should be a first thing to focus, to rank better in search engines. Original, informative and high-quality content always provide value to readers and also attracts search engines and aids website to get organic traffic.

Writing high-quality content should be an important feature of every SEO strategy. Nowadays creating content for SEO means going beyond old SEO techniques. Although traditional SEO practices like on-page optimization or link building still play a vital role in business’s success, but can’t be the best way to drive search traffic.

As technology gets more sophisticated with time, Google pushes for a quality over quantity approach. Quality means content should be well-written, rich in keywords and user-friendly to grab reader’s attention. Apart from this, content must be relevant to the website. On the other hand, Quantity means keeping your website updated with new content. A reader may return to your website twice or thrice if you are providing informative and quality content.