Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Business

There was a time when social media was considered as a passing fad. Most of the people still think the same that social media like Facebook and Twitter are only for teens where they can follow celebrities and create a connection with new people. But it’s not true. It has became very important in our personal and professional lives both.

Do you know social media marketing is 100 % higher and greater than outbound marketing? The statistics show that in the year 2014- 92% of marketers accepted that social media marketing was very important for their business. 80% marketers claimed their social media marketing has effectively increased traffic to their websites. It affects all businesses, regardless of business nature, size and scope. True enough, now social media marketing has become one of the best and free ways to reach targeted audience. Here are benefits of social media marketing or how it improves your business:

It increases brand awareness: Social media marketing is one of the ways to increase brand awareness and visibility. A report published by Texas Tech University shows that the brands having active social media profiles get more loyal customers. On social media, you share a vision as a unified group of people rather than a corporate. Here you can easily connect with your customers and also increase user’s retention and brand loyalty.

It generates higher conversion rates: Social media increases conversion rates and customer retention through active interaction. Moreover, studies have shown, social media has a 100% higher lead generation ability than outbound marketing. You can simply build your audience on social media to improve conversion rates on your existing traffic.

Opportunities to convert: Every post you create on a social media gives your customers an opportunity to convert. Simultaneously you will have access to new, old and existing customers. Your shared blog post, video or image is a chance for your customers to react and their response could lead to a site visit and ultimately a conversion. It doesn’t that every interaction results in a conversion but yes every positive interaction can definitely increase the possibilities of a conversion.

It boosts website traffic and search engine ranking: One of the important benefits of social media is- it increases your website traffic. It will not just help you to divert you customers to your website but also the more shares you get for your brand, the higher your search ranking will be.

Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting users: Social media is very important because of customizable nature of its ads. For example, facebook ads allow you to target users by location, industry, education etc. On facebook, you get the option to install facebook pixel which can be used to retarget the users who visit your site. These people can convert into solid leads and sales.

You can find out what your competitors are doing: With social media, you can collect important detail about your competitors. This will allow you to make business strategies to stay ahead of your competitors. For example, you can search industry keywords and names and products of your competitors. Based on search results, you can improve your business services, content or product.

You can share content easily and fast: Earlier marketers faced the challenge of content sharing among their customers in the shortest time. But with social media now it’s very easy to share content about your business, you only need to share it on your brand’s social network accounts that will immediately reach to your customers.

So get started on social networks to grow your business, as it has end number of benefits to help you grow your business.